Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If you're tired of browsing from cybercafe and other slow Dial-up internet connection and you've been hearing how "simple" it is to connect to the inernet, but not having anybody tell you how to do it, then let me show you exactly
The EASIEST Way To Set Up Your Own INTERNET CONNECTION On Your Desktop or Laptop and start the Unlimited Browsing Experience 24/7... EVEN IF You don't Know ANYTHING About Networking
Relax your back, stretch your leg forward or probably on your cushion, place your right hand on your mouse, and use your left hand to lift your tea cup, O.K! zip it as you browse the web. So easy and simple. That is how it will be when you start using this broadband internet connectivity. You don't need to be in a hurry when browsing, openning a webpage shouldn't take minutes, downloading shouldn't take hours. No thanks to the cybercafes who collects big money from people and still offer poor services. We have seen what the dial-up connections has to offer "poor slow inconsistent services" They collects big money from us and still serve us with dirty plates. Now is the time to get ourselves out of the shackles of poor internet connection.

There is no doubt that internet connection problems have been reduced to the bearest minimum nowadays. You have no more excuse for not browsing the internet for 24hrs any more. You can now enjoy the same over N20,000 monthly broadband MTN internet connection for as low as N500 for 24hrs any day you which to browse the internet with the same quality in browsing. This browsing system is completely legitimate. It is an approved service of MTN but not many people knows about it. Well you still can know it. It is the same fastlink, sharkpod YES! but with an alternative legitmate method.

You don't need to empty your pocket any longer because you want to browse. You will only need to configure your GSM phone with your computer or laptop using the step-by-step guided information on this system. I have packaged an ebook that will show you how to configure it by your self even if you don’t know anything about GSM/PC browsing modem. I was a complete novice before I learnt it under one hour. By recharging and sending a code to one of their service number they will reply you with a message notifying you that your browser will expire the next day i.e You can now browse for 24hrs. You can use this modem for different computer systems i.e in your house and in your office or on your Laptop while travelling.

This bundle will expire after 24hrs of browsing. It goes for a N500 naira recharge card like I said earlier. You can use this plan anyday you might have things to do on the net.

31 DAYS (24/7) PLAN
Apart from using the 24hrs one day bundle, You can also subscribe for 31 days (24/7) plan which goes for only N10,000 for browsing throughout the month. If you are really commited to the internet, you can subscribe for this bundle. Just load N10,000 worth of credit and connect.

The night browsing plan is also available and it goes for a token of N2500 for 31 days. 10:pm-5:am daily.

What you just need to do after the configuration is to buy recharge card(s) of these values and load it on your phone. when you exhaust one plan/bundle, you can easily change to another

This system has more advantages over the dial up services and it is much more dependable. This is because it is a 3.5G broadband browser. You can use it even in your village. We all know that MTN has the highest numbers of connected towns and villages in Nigeria. So you are sure of browsing any where there is an MTN network, even if you go to your village. You will also enjoy this service if you always download from the internet, because of the high speed.

Apart from using it alone you can also make money by helping others to configure the browser on their GSM phones. You can charge like N10,000 for each configuration. The configuration does not take up to one hour. I have provided a down-to-earth user guide that will show you exactly how to configure your phone to browse with your computer to browse the internet using the MTN broadband service.

GPRS enabled NOKIA phones the suitable phones for this connection. I will show you how to know if a nokia phone can browse in the EBOOK. This is a genuine MTN service and it is dependable. It is not free, you pay MTN as you browse.

It is very fast and far more dependable than all the dial up connections (I don't want to mention their names, you know them now, abi?).

  • It is a 3.5G Broadband internet connection that is suitable for all browsing purposes.
  • It can be used in your office, home, motorcar and even on your farm.It has a very wide coverage and high speed. You can even browse in your village.
  • You can easily use it for downloading information on your projects, research works, office works e.t.c
  • If you are an Info/internet marketer, you will have more time to demistify the internet and make your cool dollars from your online business.
  • You can make several thousands of naira by helping others do the configuration.
  • You can also make money by helping people register online for JAMB, NECO, NABTEB,WAEC, COMMON ENTRANCE , VISA LOTTERY and even for jobs. You can charge between N500 and N1500 as the case may be for each registration.
  • You can use it to start a profitable internet business.
  • You will have access to first hand information on everything that is going on around the world.
    and other numerous benefits which I will not be revealing here.


I asked from people who bought this EBOOK this question Have you been able to connect? Here are some of their comments:

"yes ooooooooo! i am replying you with the connection now.thanks a lot. please let me know of any other goodies whenever they are available. thanks again" -Charles Erhahuyi- Benin City 08024217574 oghosamase@yahoo.com

"yeah and thanks again" Ayobami Lawani- Sagamu 08023905336 bobbynaso@yahoo.com

It is now your turn to eliminate any stress in connecting to the internet and start using the most dependable high speed broadband internet connectivity.

To start enjoying this multipurpose broadband connection, Pay a token amount of N1500 for the Ebook and let me show you how to do the configuration and connection right in the EBOOK. Pay into my business account. I run my business under the name FATJ MULTIBIZ.

Bank name: GTB
Account name: FATJ MULTIBIZ
Account number: 401-290026-110
after your payment, text your name, email address, teller number, amount paid and location to 08072800997
Immediately after your payment is confirmed, You will recieve a confirmation notification on your Gsm phone with sender name "fatjmultibz" the message will inform you that the ebook has been sent to the email address you provided.

I know that some people are charging N25,000 for this same information. Some charge N15,000, N10,000 e.t.c for it. But I feel that I should not empty your pocket because you want to enjoy internet connection, that is why I made the price so low. My mission is to get you connected to the internet as easy and cheaply as possible.

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If you order this EBOOK and you are probably not satisfied with the content or it doesn't work, You have the opportunity to ask for your money back and keep the EBOOK. I will refund your money back in full.
Yes! I mean what I said, I will pay back every penny you paid if you can't connect to the internet anywhere and at anytime you want.

Place your order today and get the N23,500 worth ebooks as bonus.
Use this software to browse the internet at your diposal or get your money back INSTANTLY. Guaranteed!

P.P.P.S Hurry and get your copy now, the price is going up to N4500.